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Embracing Challenge

At Abhaya, we distinguish between parroting a 'thought' and 'thinking' actively. The earliest form of thinking in the child is its capacity for 'imagination'. Imagination is allowed to flower in the young child. As they turn into adolescents the movement towards critical thinking develops. Our endeavour is to support the students to grow into clear- thinking, sensitive, initiative filled adults.

Grade School: Academics


Just as the early childhood phase is committed to the building of the physical body, the middle childhood phase is committed to the emotional development of the child. Hence all subjects are taught in a way that appeals to their feeling life. Art has a direct impact on our feelings – Subjects during this period are introduced in a manner that enriches their feelings, thus awakening creative thinking in the growing child. These are taught using Rhythm, Movement, Concentration exercises, Speech verses, Music, Drawing and Painting. At the end of the class teacher years the students are handed over to the high school teachers – Specialists in their subjects, who then gradually help the transition towards preparation for the board exams of the CBSE.

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Grade School: Academics
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