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The global challenges that children will face in coming decades will be intense and multi-dimensional - the task therefore, for Waldorf educators working with the Steiner pedagogy, will be to ensure that the next generation can form a social order with capacities developed from experiences that are formed from living pictures within them. Interest in the world helps and gives us strength for the tasks of our time. Using inventions of the human mind, without a basic understanding of how they work, is the beginning of anti-social behaviour in human relationships. Teachers in Waldorf/Steiner schools try to awaken a feeling of mobility and imagination in the learning process and thereby balance the inner and outer experiences of the student, in an increasingly digitally-enhanced world. At Abhaya an experiential education program that incorporates multiple geographic and cultural learning environments is provided on an optional basis for our high school students. Take a look below to learn more.


Andaman Islands, India



Experimental Education: Activities
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