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The Magic of New Beginnings

It is an established fact that the myelination of the brain is a prerequisite for any work demanding intellectual participation. This is activated by natural movements of the child during the early phase of growth. The more we allow for such movements in growing children, through play and informal ways of socializing and learning, the more contributive we are towards establishing fine neurological processes.

Early Childhood: Academics


Our kindergarten acts as a bridge between a child’s life at home and his later years in the grade school. If you visit our kindergarten, you will notice that it looks a little different from other traditional kindergartens you have seen. The toys in the classroom are simple and made from natural materials – knitted or hand-sewn dolls, wooden blocks and planks, long play cloths made of cotton or silk, a set of copper or ceramic cups and bowls. Nothing, in fact, that would look out of place in a traditional household. There are no worksheets, posters, or calendars hanging on the walls. No books and no computers.

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Early Childhood: Academics
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