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Free from fear. Free to soar.

At Abhaya teachers believe and teach a curriculum that fosters learning experiences that is an integral part of the natural environment, in which they live and study. A commitment to deliver multi disciplinary learning that is underpinned by Waldorf pedagogy and the CBSE curriculum in later years, is central to the core belief of our school.

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In Steiner Kindergarten classes, teachers focus on practical work with the hands, play and following the rhythms of the week, month and year. The arts underpin the teaching in Primary school from grades, which help the child develop academic and social skills. In High school, an understanding which is based on logical and objective thinking is taught across all subjects, enabling students develop moral capacities and become responsible contributors to their communities. Lessons in Drama, Land surveying, Farming and Crafts integrate mainstream subjects such as Languages, Trigonometry, Geography, Natural and Physical sciences, holistically and allow students to connect with real life situations, in a dynamic and responsible way. They are also taught science, math, art, craft and the humanities in an age appropriate manner, enabling a natural curiosity about the world in which they live.

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