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Abhaya was founded by a group of parents and teachers who had serious questions about the prevalent education. The group found its inspiration in the Waldorf curriculum. Their hope was to help children grow into free, strong and well-rounded individuals. From a small school with 7 children in one Kindergarten class and a single teacher in the city, Abhaya has now grown. With over 300 eager children ready to learn and flourish, from Kindergarten to Grade 10, the school now boasts of a beautiful 3 acre campus in the suburbs of Hyderabad.

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The Waldorf Curriculum is a process of learning that places the growing child in the centre. Woven around insights given by Rudolf Steiner, the curriculum nurtures the natural developmental stages of the child. The learning process integrates the arts, sciences and humanities, in an age appropriate manner, during the three major stages of child development – early childhood, primary years and adolescence to young adulthood. Individual teachers and schools have varying degrees of autonomy in determining curriculum content, teaching methodology and governance, based on the local regulations and the social and cultural environments of these localities.

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To create a learning environment that fosters a liberal and multi-disciplinary approach to Waldorf Education while  integrating the CBSE curriculum.

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